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You've been dabbling in music for years. You don’t have any delusions about getting rich or making it big—though that would definitely be cool. But it sure would be nice to sell a track, a lyric, a jingle, or even a ring tone for Heaven’s sake, every once in a great while. From online sales through retail giants like iTunes and Amazon, to selling self-produced music on DIY (and often free) websites offered up by services like Wix and WordPress, surely there’s a group of listeners somewhere who’d like your stuff enough to part with, say, less than they'd spend on a cup of coffee, right?  With over 3 billion Google searches made every single day, even if only one in every million of them clicked the “buy” button on your website, that’s respectable number! 

But alas… you posted your masterpiece on your website, then blasted your Facebook network and every contact list you have on all your devices and services asking them to check out your latest creation, and two weeks later you’ve had twenty two visits to your site, nine of them by you, a smiley face emoji text message from your best friend, and an “I love it!” from your mom.  Sound familiar?

If so, don’t take it personally. The candid reality is that there are just so many talented people making music available to the digitally connected world, it’s probably a lot harder to get noticed than it is to create what you created in the first place.  As a result, there are tons of talented folks making beautiful art who are simply undiscovered by the larger world.

If this situation describes you, I invite you to become a member of Undiscovered Talented Musicians International, UTMI (or its U.S. based cousin, UTMA).  It costs nothing and, frankly, confers … well… almost nothing, other than a sense of being part of a larger community who’s involved in the same pursuits as you are.  There appear to be quite a few websites, Facebook pages, and the like where aspiring artists post their work, solicit feedback, get exposure, network, etc., so I’m not trying to duplicate that information here.  What I think would be especially helpful to an affinity group like UTMI is information about marketing strategies for cash-strapped, independent, part-time  artists that work and—equally helpful—strategies that don’t. 

So if you have had any success, however modest, actually getting anybody to purchase musical works you’ve posted for sale online and elsewhere, PLEASE SHARE your experience on the 


If you’d like to proudly display your status as a part of this community of aspiring but as yet undiscovered artists, please check out all the very reasonably priced UTMA & UTMI apparel and gift options at

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